Wardrobe developing/design

A personalized, tasteful, transparent and easy-to-use wardrobe will ensure you never have to worry about your appearance again, which will help you feel good and have fun in many areas of your life. With a properly designed wardrobe you save time and energy by getting rid of dilemmas such as “what should I wear?” and “What have I picked this time?”

How can I help you with this?

As a first step/first of all I’ll define your colour type and body-shape so that in the future, when you shop alone, you can develop your wardrobe just with matching pieces, which are the perfect choice in colour and tailoring as well.

We then review the contents of your wardrobe piece by piece and sort your clothes according to specific criteria, such as colour, tailoring, quality and willingness to wear.

With the pieces that proved to be suitable during the analysis, we will refit your closet so that it will be a pleasure to look inside and, of course, to dress from it.

In addition, I can also prepare a shortlist of the missing pieces you need to get to have a perfect wardrobe which will prepare you for all situations. To make things as easy as possible, I’ll illustrate each item with a picture of a specific product which I suggest, and indicate the source of purchase and its current price.

The service typically takes approximately 4 hours.

You can ask for a personalized offer by clicking the button below.

Wardrobe developing/design