Colour and body-shape analyses

My two basic services are colour and body-shape analyses.

Knowing your colour type and body-shape is the basis of your wardrobe and style, and it is essential for choosing clothes with colours and cuts which suit you.

The perfect colours and cuts create a vital and vibrant look, so it’s important to consider them when choosing your makeup, hair colour, and clothing.

The colour analysis means a personal consultation with the help of colour scarves. At the end of the consultation I will put together your colour suite (the colours which bring out your best features) and make it available to you.

Makeup and hairstyle consulting is an integral part of colour analysis. For additional benefits, we can visit a professional make-up artist and hairdresser together, to help you discover a new hairstyle and get acquainted with a make-up routine that will make your look even more radiant.

The significance of the body-shape analysis is priceless: well-tailored garments from the perfect fabric, colour, and pattern combination have a shaping effect and make your appearance more elegant. After defining your body-shape I will present the types of outfit I advise you to wear by showing fashion photos. The pictures will help you to understand the theoretical knowledge and apply it in practice.

You can order these two services separately or as a package.

Each service typically takes approximately 3 hours.

You can ask for a personalized offer by clicking the button below.

Colour and body-shape analyses